Our first blog post and it’s interesting! This is for all of our OHV guests that have been coming to the Resort over the last few years.  We understand that you are taken by surprise. We have implemented a new policy to charge for OHV’s on property.  These fees are put into place to solve the following problems.  Please understand that we are very grateful for your patronage, both past and present. We, the owners of Walker River Resort, are here on property every day and we want what is best for the Resort and our guests.

The best has not been happening. Each weekend, our guests arrive with OHV’s, many, many OHV’s.  On any given weekend, there are between 300-500 OHV’s.  These include dirt bikes, very loud dirt bikes, side by sides, very big 66” side by sides, quads for little kids, Razors with flashing light bars, OHV’s with halogen lights designed for 5000 feet of brightness.

All these OHV’s are transported to the Resort with extra pickups, extra trailers, sometimes as long as forty feet, enclosed trailers, plugged into our electrical. Flatbed trailers parked everywhere! In case of an emergency, no one can get anywhere because the roads are choked off!

Dust is a huge problem which we have tried to solve by watering the park each day prior to the weekends. Tractor, operator, water wagon, diesel fuel, six hours per day, these costs add up. And the final result is that the roads become incredibly dusty within the park. 

And then, there are the roads outside of the Resort. The roads that our neighbors use, the ones where the kids and adults have done donuts, or the roads that the sheep man is trying to get his water truck out to his herds grazing on BLM. His family’s been utilizing the feed for over a hundred years. But now?

And there’s the issue of not staying on the trails and roads, destroying precious feed, causing more run-off and environmental deterioration. And the huge amounts of dust rising into the air every weekend as people exit the Resort and scream out to BLM at 60 mph. Or faster. That seems to be the way, faster, faster faster and louder, louder, louder.  The noise ruins the local environment.

Don’t get us started on the trespassing. There is total disregard for no trespassing signs. We are not saying everyone does this, but the damage to the nearby subdivision roads, plus the intrusion into their homes is not well received by the owners. Black mark for the Resort. There’s trespassing on our ranch property in the middle of the night because they’re having fun. There’s trespassing onto our neighbor’s ranches because the signs didn’t mean anything to them. Another black mark for the Resort.

A lot of OHV’s do not follow the speed limit within the Resort and it makes it dangerous for small children and older adults.

So the bottom line is, the Resort hopes to limit the numbers of OHV’s brought to the Resort each weekend by charging additional fees for the privilege of bringing OHVs to this beloved oasis.


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