Dirt Bikes, Quads, Side by Sides, Can-Ams, Razors, Jeeps and all others

Rates for OHV’s

(In Addition to RV Site Rental or Cottage Rental Rates)

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Quads or Similar – $10.00 per night per machine.

Dirt Bikes – $10.00 per night per machine.

Side By Sides or Similar – $15.00 per night per machine.

Off Road Jeeps – $15.00 per night per machine


Thousands of Nevada Bureau of Land Management acres adjoin the Resort property. While OHV usage is not allowed within the Resort, we encourage riding in the outlying areas.  Guests may view the google map of the immediate trail area and view the Resort guidelines below. 


      OHV Guidelines and Maps

(Non-adherence to the OHV Guidelines will result in fines of $300.00 per incident and all future stays will be forfeited)

No night Riding Allowed

OHV’s may only be ridden in and out of the Resort on the designated entrance/exit roads

Parents are responsible for their children’s behavavior. Supervise your children

Trips to the store, bar, swimming pool, friend’s rv’s are not allowed on OHvs. Walk instead!

OHV usage is between 8:00am and One Hour Before Dark.

Limit your trips in and out to blm.

children may not ride around the Resort.

The sierra view subdivision if off-limits.

hudson way is a county road. no donuts or spin outs.

beware of large cattle trucks, hay and manure trucks.

utilize existing trails and roads. tread lightly or riding will be forfeited.

Access to Wilson canyon recreational area is via a trail on the south side of hwy. 208.

no access route along river between the Resort and Wilson Canyon. Private Property.

Do not trespass. obey all posted signs.

violations will result in eviction without refund.



Security and Managers are onsite.

Excessively  Loud  ohv’s  are  not  allowed  and guests  operating  them  will  be  asked  to leave.

WRR Management

Sweetwater Dirt bikes


Bret Lowrey

THe Old Wagon Shed

Built in the late 1800’s



Eloise Sanders

Stamp Mill

A machine used for crushing rocks to extract the ore.



Jack Wentworth

The old wagon shed

All the timbers and roofing tin were hauled in by mules.



Jon Frettis

Early Graffiti

A short message from an early day miner.


Tread Lightly and Pack it Out!

Visit the Pine Grove, NV Ghost town

OHV Riders, you may visit the ghost town of Pine Grove, NV by exiting WRR and turning left, follow Hudson Way across Hwy 208. At the corner of Hwy 208 and Hudson-Aurora road there is a stop sign. Below the stop sign on the south side is the trail starting point. This starting point can take you to Pine Grove and/or the Wilson Canyon Riding Area. To get to Pine Grove, travel on the trail along Hwy 208 for 1 mile, turn right within 300 feet of the Hwy Maintenance strip storage area onto the dirt trail heading south. This trail intersects FS463. Get on FS463 and follow it to FS771 and then FS59. FS59 will lead you to the vicinity of Pine Grove, NV.

Also, you may stay on the Hwy 208 trail to Wilson Canyon for 3 miles. Cross the bridge over the West Walker River. Turn left on Copper Belt Road to access the riding area. USFS lands on the south side of the river are off limits in the vicinity of HWY 208 and the Wilson Canyon Walking Trail.

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Use the Google Map

While the Resort sits at the middle of the map below, if you use the larger version, you may plan your trip to Pine Grove.