Top 12 Most Asked Questions Regarding Your Stay at WRR

Most of our guests have a lot of questions about a stay at the Resort. In order to start serving you with our friendliness and knowledge, we have gathered together the top 11 most asked questions.

  1. How do we shoot sporting clays?

    Open to the Public. Please come to the office, all people going out to shoot need to sign liability waivers. We give you a clay target counter, let you know which course you are going to shoot (White or Green) and/or the Five Stand. You drive 2.5 miles down river. Yes, you may take your quad or mule. You can shoot as many or as few targets as you would like. When you are finished shooting, you return the clay target counter to the office. We tabulate the number of clays thrown and take off any broken targets. You pay for the targets thrown (.40 a target summer rate, .35 a target winter rate). Ear plugs and glasses are required. No alcohol is allowed. No Dirtbikes are allowed.

  2. Can I bring guests to stay in my RV?

    RV Sites have a maximum of four people per Site. If you have a larger immediate family than four people, there are exceptions. If a husband and wife are coming in separate vehicles, both vehicles are allowed with no extra charges.

  3. Can we set-up a tent in our RV site?

    WRR no longer accepts tent campers in the RV park.  If you have children or grandchildren staying with you and they want to sleep outside in a tent, this is allowed.  From time to to time, if there is another family staying in the Site, there is a charge to set-up a tent. You must contact the office prior to having any additional families in your Site.

  4. Do I need a fishing license?

    Yes, you can easily go online to to buy a Nevada fishing license. While staying at the Resort you can fish a one mile stretch of the West Walker River. This section is catch and release. The local area offers an abundance of good fishing spots including Wilson Canyon, Topaz Lake, the Elbow on the East Walker and Bridgeport reservoir.

  5. Does the Resort have a restaurant?

    The Resort does not have a restaurant. There is a full service bar. There are tables and chairs if you bring your snacks. Potluck get togethers are a frequent occurance. You may purchase frozen pizza in the bar.

  6. Can we ride OHV’s around the Resort property?

    No, OHV’s may only be ridden in and out of the Resort. Riding around the Resort by children or adults is not allowed.

  7. How long have you been in business?

    We have been in business for 42 years. The Resort was founded in 1983.

  8. Can I have a campfire at my RV site?

    While campfires are not allowed on the ground at your site, campfires are allowed in a washtub type fire container. Ash cans are provided at both of the trash locations. Please do not leave your ashes in your RV site or any other area than the ash cans.

  9. Can we use the Resort’s dump station if we are not staying at the Resort?

    No, the dump station usage is reserved for guests staying at the Resort only.

  10. What should I bring if I am staying in a Cottage?

    The Resort provides linens, towels and there is a full kitchen in each unit. Bring food, beach towels, briquetts, sunscreen, your shotgun if shooting sporting clays and your fishing rods.

  11. What are the operating dates of the swimming pool and the hot tub?                                                                  The pool and hot tub usually open around May 15th each year and close around September 15th. These dates can change by a day or two but usually these are the dates. Please call if you have questions about availability. 
  12. Is the Bathhouse open?                                                                                                                                               No, the Bathhouse remains closed as its operation has lead to vandalism, disruption of nearby RV Sites, trespassing from off property campers and a variety of other problems. Bathrooms are located throughout the Resort property.