Submit Your Waiver Already Signed

When you’re getting ready to shoot sporting clays, you’ll be one step ahead if you’ve signed your waiver online.  We will need a signed waiver for everyone in your squad.  If you have children under the age 18 years old you can simply add their names to the bottom of your waiver. Submit the waiver into the office at your earliest convenience from the website.

Are you looking for a beginner’s experience? We recommend shooting the Five Stand or the White Course. These targets are not quite as distant and it’s easy to assist your beginner in the shooting stand.

At Walker River Resort, we match you to the perfect shooting stations, we want you to enjoy yourself.





Sporting Clays Waiver

Map of the Sporting Clays Courses and Five Stand

Arrows Indicate shooting both Courses

From time to time, Walker River Resort hosts large groups of S/C shooters.  We can accommodate groups up to 100 guests all shooting at the same time.  Groups can shoot up to 150 clays targets and sometimes more. If you have an event planned…we have the facility!


Five Stand Shooting

 Shoot Guidelines for Clay Shooting 2020

  • Eye and ear protection is mandatory for all shooters and spectators.
  • Waivers are required for each shooter and spectator before going out to shoot or watch.
  • Guns must remain unloaded with action open at all times, except when the shooter is getting ready to call for targets. Only 12 gauge, 20 gauge and smaller bore shotguns are allowed. No rifles or pistols allowed.
  • View pairs are not allowed at each station unless you are shooting 100 targets for each squad member. Broken targets may be thrown as a new pair. Please keep track of broken or no targets.
  • Each squad will be given a counter which will be reconciled at the end of your shoot. Targets thrown will be tabulated at .40 a clay. Broken targets will not be charged.
  • Stay with your squad throughout your shoot, and return to the office promptly after you finish your last station. Turn in your counter to the office.
  • All vehicles must stay on the existing roads. OHV’s may be driven to the area but must travel under 25 mph on the dirt roads.
  • No alcohol may be consumed while out on the clay courses.
  • Please pick up empty shells (hulls) on the ground and dispose of them in the buckets provided.
  • Scorecards may kept by each squad or shooter.



Shoot Results 2020

A Limited Shooting Year Due to Covid-19

Every year, Walker River Resort Sporting Clays hosts a series of shoots. Some of the clay targets are “registered” through the National Sporting Clays Association. Other shoots are just “Fun Day” shoots which can include shooters of all skill levels. Everyone enjoys shooting sporting clays at Walker River Resort.

January 18, 2020 – NSCA Registered Shoot

Harvey Mike NV M 83
Veta Jim NV M 77
Carter Rick NV M 73
Cheeseman Bob NV AA 68
Harvey Garrett NV A 81
Ziegler Damon NV A 74
Welch Chris NV A 64
Grandinetti Steve NV A 58
Workman Ed NV A 57
Fawcett Roger NV A 42
Workman Brett NV B 74
Paya Chuck NV B 63
Corcimiglia Tony NV B 54
Kinney John NV C 67
Smith Cody CA C 63
Slater Richard CA C 61
Regan Jeff NV C 58
Coyle Derek CA C 50
Rosaschi Gary NV C 44
Workman Trae NV D 67
Hall Jeff NV D 61
Jim Coyle CA D 58
Manha Mark NV D 57
Brooks Lewis NV D 54
Machado Ken NV D 46
Coyle Kayla CA D 35
Omeara Kelly NV E 45
Sciarani Glenn NV E 45
Martin Bob NV E 43
Smith Jack   H 69
Hall Brad   H 65
Masey Taurus   H 63
Love Charlie   H 62
Matheus Ed   H 50
Whalan Scott   H 49
Roberson Mike   H 47
Smith Steve   H 44
Hall Steve   H 39
Perry Pricilla   H 33
Chewanec Bill   H 32
Love Terry   H 21

Prior Years

Sporting Clays 2020

Sporting Clays Schedule 2020

Join your friends for a fun day outdoors

This is the shoot schedule for 2020, however, many of the shoots were cancelled due to Covid-19.  We hope to be back to holding group fun day and registered shoots sometime in July. Please check back for updates!

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