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Registered Shoot Results


Score Last First Class
90 Veta Jim M
86 Bullard Rodney M
83 Harvey Mike M
82 Wadkins John M
87 Dinsmore Jeff AA
86 Giomi Jaysen AA
83 Cheeseman Bob AA
81 Holmes Bill AA
79 Fawcett Roger
78 Boggs Jerry A
76 Valentine Joe A
76 Smith Bob A
73 Leeg Jim A
80 Grandinetti Steve B
79 Garrett Harvey  B
77 Paya Chuck B
75 Doering Kirk B
70 Regan Jeff B
64 Conti Steven B
83 Corcimiglia Anthony C
81 McClenahan Dave C
80 Thomas Kent C
78 Kinney Johnny C
75 Garrett Mark C
72 Ross Brian C
74 Coutts Troy D
71 Balaam Bruce D
69 Hall Jeff D
69 Baguley Jeff D
67 Mazzera Dave D
67 Callahan Paul D
66 Rosaschi Gary D
62 Yankoskie Jr. Joseph D
62 Hildeman James D
61 Ross Jr. Gavin D
60 MacBlaine Randy D
58 Baguley Chris D
57 Mandichak Mike D
31 Cummins Kendall D
59 Brinkerhoff Stacey E
53 O'Meara Kelly E
53 Morrow Renee E
49 Black Steve E
42 Morrow Carl E
34 Black Shelley E
81 Smith Jack H
73 Whalan Scott H
72 Hall Trevor H
70 Magaldry Bill H
67 Patton Richard H
65 McCulloch Kyle H
62 Black Casey H
62 Eatherly Brian H
54 Dell Chuck H
51 Brashears Dick H
50 Soroawasz Dave H
46 Martin Bob H
38 Briones Christine H




Sporting Clays & Five Stand Shooting


Join Walker River Resort Sporting Clays for an extravaganza of unique targets. Visit us seven days a week...(April 1 - October 31) or four days a week...(November 1 - March 31).


There are two Sporting Clays Courses (White (11) and Green (14)) totaling 25 Stations set amongst natural sage, bitter brush, and willows. Abutted on the north side by rolling hills and ravines and to the south flows the WestWalkerRiver. Lattice shooting cages, redwood gun racks, and benches throughout the course with highly visible and diverse target presentation. The stations are fully automatic. Shooters may walk or drive the course.

(Map of Sporting Clays Courses)

Suggested Hours:

Summer: 8:30 AM 6:00 PM (Seven days a week)

Winter: 9:00 AM 4:00 PM (Thurs. - Sunday)

Appointments welcome any time.

Clay Rates:

Sporting Clays 100 Clays$40.00

(Winter Rate - $35.00)*

Sporting Clays 50 Clays $20.00

Five-Stand 25 Clays                       $10.00



Sporting Clay Events 2018


2/23/18 CVI Outing (Private Shoot - 75 shooters)

3/17/18 St. Patrick's Fun Day Shoot

4/13/18 Raggio Shoot (Private)

4/14/18 Registered Shoot (100 Targets)

5/19/18 Bernie's Shoot

6/16/18 Fun Day Shoot

7/14/18 Contractor's Clay Challenge

7/21/18 Moon Walk Registered Shoot (100 Targets)

8/6/18 CVI Summer Outing

9/15/18 Registered Shoot

10/27/18 Nevada Day Shoot



Carson Valley Inn Sporting Clays Outing



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(May be completed before arrival.)

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